The US Casino and Poker Rentals Difference

U.S. Casino Rentals is the premier event planning, promotions and marketing company in the country. Founded in Colorado in 2000, U.S. Casino Rentals has since then relocated to Chicago where its business and capabilities have grown at an exponential rate. U.S. Casino Rentals prides itself on devising comprehensive business plans that generate measurable results.

By recognizing the many facets of advertising, marketing and promotions, the success of U.S. Casino Rentals is a direct result of the innovation from each of our promotional strategies. We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations by utilizing basic marketing techniques while incorporating a unique and creative approach.

Our young and ambitious team is passionate about the work we accomplish, and each of our valued employees brings a necessary element of life to every project. U.S. Casino Rentals caters to distinct groups, producing specially tailored business plans and events to create successful and positive experiences.